Thursday, November 19, 2015

How To Wax Eyebrows At Home?

There is something very appealing about perfectly arched eyebrows. However, most women strive to get that perfect arch. Instead of pulling out the hair with the tweezers you can opt for waxing. It is a fast and simple way of getting those perfect brows. With some practice you will be able to do it yourself. However, you can ask your friend to work on you and you can do the same for her. Unless you have very sensitive skin you should definitely go for waxing. Although it is best to get it done professionally it can turn out to be expensive. So, you must be wondering how to wax eyebrows at home. Given below is the complete procedure via which you will be able to get beautiful brows for yourself. For the waxing you first need to gather the necessary supplies. Always keep the procedure easy so that you don’t have too go through a lot of hassle. You would require rubbing alcohol, aloe Vera gel, baby oil, eyebrow wax, cotton balls, baby powder, wax removing strips and toner.

Without being bothered by the question of how to wax eyebrows at home you should follow this simple procedure that is given below. First you need to clean the portion which you desire to wax by means of a rubbing alcohol. Wash the area so that you can prevent any infections from spreading. Next, you need to put a little bit of baby powder on a pad which you should apply on the skin which you would wax. Just a little amount would do. This is to assist in absorbing the moisture and dry the portion so that it can be ready for waxing. If you are thinking how to wax eyebrows and how you are going to manage then you should know it is very simple. Before you start you need to check the wax for its consistency. Ensure it has a smooth consistency so that you use a thin coat. Also, you need to make sure the wax is not too hot otherwise you are going to burn yourself. You should click for source

 You should do a little portion at one time. Start with half the eye (below or above the brow). This will make sure that you are able to manage to work on it. Use a thin coat to the portion you will wax. Put the wax on the strands. Firmly, press down a strip on the portion on which you have used the wax and then quickly peel off. Pull in the downward direction. Use pressure on the portion after the strip is removed so that you can ease any stinging feeling. Repeat the entire process till you have finished. Your skin that has been just waxed might turn a little red. But, you need not worry about it just apply aloe Vera cream or lotion to relieve any discomfort. Now that you know how to wax eyebrows at home you will not have to worry again about ugly looking brows.